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All Saints' Day

All Saints’ Day 2019 and 2020

Every 1 November is All Saints’ Day in Belgium. This holiday is also called “All Hallow Day”, which is why 31 October is called “All Hallow’s Eve”, or Halloween.

20191 NovFriAll Saints' Day
20201 NovSunAll Saints' Day

All Saints’ Day has been observed since at least the Fourth Century A.D. in the Eastern Orthodox Church, with that institution traditionally marking it on the first Sunday following Pentecost. The 1 November date arose from a decision of the Roman Catholic Pope Gregory IV, who gave the holiday its present date and name in A.D. 835.

All Saints’ Day is meant to honour all the official church saints, but especially those without a special holiday all their own. However, many keep it as a remembrance of all Christians who have departed this world. In Belgium, people traditionally lay down flowers on the graves of their deceased relatives on this day.