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Labour Day

Labour Day 2017 and 2018

Labour Day in Belgium takes place on May 1st every year. It’s also commonly known by the name “May Day.” Belgians link this important date to the beginning of the spring season. They also consider it to be a day to acknowledge workers and their highly admirable and tireless efforts.

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Labour Day in Belgium and in other nations around the globe is a comparatively new tradition. That’s due to the fact that the workers’ movement rose in prominence toward the end of the eighteenth century. The movement gained significant traction in the beginning of the nineteenth century, too. Factory workers during that era were subjected to terrible treatment. They were often forced to work in harsh environments.

The Belgian people tend to view Labour Day as a time of rest. They usually like to enjoy the company of friends and relatives on this public holiday. It isn’t uncommon for Belgians to go to workers parade events on Labour Day. These events are designed to honour workers’ rights and how far they’ve come in this world. It also isn’t unusual for Belgians to go to union parade events. These events have similar aims.

Businesses generally are closed on Labour Day in Belgium. People who are in Belgium on Labour Day may notice that the majority of museums are unavailable to tour. They close just as they do on other significant holidays including Armistice Day on November 11th and All Saints’ Day on November 1st. Shops typically are closed on May Day in Belgium. The same goes for banks and post offices.

May Day in Belgium is a time for celebration. The Workers’ Party of Belgium frequently organises events on the public holiday. Belgian workers and activists often meet in Brussels to commemorate the meaningful day. People who visit these events can often encounter residents of all different regions of the nation. People who spend time in Belgium on May Day often get the opportunity to witness demonstrations, too.