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New Year's Day

New Year's Day 2018 and 2019

In Belgium, New Year’s Day is celebrated on the same day as everywhere else in the world, January 1st.

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When it comes to worldwide celebrations, one of the most popular for spreading good fortune, good luck, and happiness is New Year’s Day. Regardless of where a person lives, they spend time on this day enjoying festivities with family members and friends. This goes for those in Belgium, as well. In most cases, the celebrations begin the day or night before, on New Year’s Eve.

Just like many other places around the globe, people in Belgium have unique traditions for celebrating New Year’s Day. In Belgium, New Year’s Eve is referred to as Sint Sylvester Vooranvond, or more simply Saint Sylvester Eve, which is the name of the Holy Saint. Belgians consider this time of the year extremely auspicious and celebrate with joy, happiness, and vibrancy.

The New Year in Belgium is celebrated with many preparations ahead of time. The majority of the people arrange parties with close friends and family members. When attending these parties, a person can expect to enjoy great food and delicious drinks. In some families, invitations are passed out to anyone they know, which results in many grand social gatherings throughout the country.

A sweet custom that prevails in Belgium is something most of the children participate in. They collect money throughout the year and save it to purchase beautiful decorations for New Year’s Day. When the time comes, they decorate their homes, send good wishes to the elderly, and pass out holiday greetings in their neighbourhoods. When the clocks strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the children read their well-wishes out loud.

Some kids decorate the cards they make with ribbons, flowers, and other decorations to make the cards more appealing to look at. Adults often give one another gifts, hugs, and kisses, and they wish one another good fortune while toasting in the New Year.


In addition to the traditional events that take place, the modern people of Belgium also enjoy new customs. After finishing the celebration at their homes, people roam the streets and join in the many street parties that are organised by locals. Belgium has several restaurants, hotels, clubs, and bars that also arrange New Year’s Day parties. While this is hosted by locals, many visitors to the area also enjoy the events.

Every individual in Belgium celebrates the New Year in their unique way. Regardless of how they choose to “ring in” the New Year, they do so with quite a bit of enthusiasm. They spend the night and day bidding farewell to the past year and to also welcoming in the brand new year with all their new hopes and aspirations for the fresh start.

Keep in mind, if you are visiting the area, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are considered public holidays. As a result, government offices and schools remain closed, and most of the privately owned businesses stay closed, as well.